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All packages are shipped UPS standard ground service unless you request Express shipping for an additional charge. Because UPS does not ship to post office boxes, be sure to indicate your street address including suite or apartment number with each order. Freight for standard USA orders (each address):

Normal ground shipping in the U.S.A. is charged based on charge for order as follows:

Standard Shipping Rates
     Up to $15.00, add $7.00
     $15.01 to $25.00, add $8.00
     $25.01 to $40.00, add $10.00
     $40.01 to $60.00, add $12.00
     $60.01 to $80.00, add $13.00
     $80.01 to $100.00, add $15.00
     $100.01 to $125.00, add $17.00
     $125.01 to $175.00, add $19.00
     $175.01 to $250.00, add $21.00
     $250.01 and over, add 9% of total sale

Express Shipping Rates
     Express shipping for orders up to $80.00
      add $11.00.
     Express shipping for orders over $80.00
      add $21.00

For International orders please call us at 1-800-443-8242.

(See chart at left. Does not include the purchase of gift certificates unless ordering merchandise also.)
Express in USA (second day air)
See Chart
Tax (merchandise only)
See below for your rate.

Total $

If you pay by check, you must include your phone number for us to be able to process your order.

AL 4%, AZ 5.6%, AR 6%, CA 7.5%, CO 2.9%, CT 6.35%, DC 6%, FL 6%, GA 4%, HI 4%, ID 6%, IL 6.25%, IN 7%, IA 6%, KS 6.3%, KY 6%, LA 4%, MA 6.25%, MD 6%, ME 5.5%, MI 6%, MN 6.875%, MS 7%, MO 4.225%, NE 7%, ND 5%, NJ 7%, NM 5.125%, NV 6.85%, NC 4.75%, NY 4%,OH 5.5%, OK 4.5%, PA 6%, RI 7%, SC 6%, SD 4%, TN 9.25%, TX 6.25%, UT 4.7%, VT 6%, VA 5.3%, WA 6.5%, WI 5%, WY 4%,and WV 6%.

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Enclosed is my check/money order made payable to: COORS AND COMPANY
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Gift certificate enclosed in the amount of $___________.

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